Look To The Sweater

The last thing I want to do is weigh in on a matter of public controversy. After all, it would be foolish to take a controversial stand which might alienate some WEAX fans. In fact, whatever the issue is, I want to assure you that WEAX agrees with you. You are 100% correct. That’s why I won’t be writing about Starbucks, red cups or the War on Christmas. Nope. Not this guy. No way.

Instead, I’d like to offer up a hopeful example of common ground; a symbol of the holiday season that makes everyone happy. The Christmas Sweater. Amazingly, against all odds, this staple of the holidays has managed to remain happily inoffensive to everyone. Whether it’s worn with complete sincerity by you grandma or ironically by your hipster cousin, the Christmas Sweater never fails to receive a smile. Imagine a world where everything holiday related, from greetings to coffee cups, elicited the same reaction as the Christmas Sweater. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Fairisle Kitty Sweater - Ugly Christmas Sweaters - Holiday Fury

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