A Strange Existential Dread

I have recently come to the disturbing realization that, as a 42-year old music fan, the number of great songs I remember is likely  surpassed by the number of great songs I’ve forgotten. I discovered this alarming prospect after I stumbled on to a list of the 100 Greatest Alternative Singles of the 80’s. Coming in at #94 (the back end of these lists are always more interesting than the front right?) was “Save it for Later” by The English Beat. I have no idea how many times you’ve heard this song in the last year, but chances are it’s not enough. That’s certainly the case with me. That got me wondering, how many great songs have I completely forgotten about? I fear that the number is shockingly high, and it fills me with a strange existential dread. There are songs that I love that I will likely never hear again. And it’s happening to you too. We’ve all inadvertently become pop culture hoarders. We have a mountain of movies, TV shows, podcasts and music available to us on demand. As awesome as that might seem, it has an ironic side effect. It’s like an episode of The Twilight Zone. There are thousands of amazing songs that you will never hear again because they’ve been buried under a pile of pop culture you only barely care about.

Anyway, here’s The English Beat with “Save it for Later”

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