Criminally Overlooked Cover Songs

The holidays are wonderful time of year. Or maybe they’re not. I don’t know you or your family. Perhaps this time of year is a nightmarish blur of angry relatives, long car rides and lime jello with carrot shavings in it. But one thing is certain. There are iTunes gift cards burning a hole in your skinny jeans, and if you will indulge me, I have a few song suggestions.

5 Criminally Overlooked Cover Songs

Counting Crows – “Friend of the Devil”
Faithful enough to the Grateful Dead classic, but with just the right amount of Adam Duritz’s signature melancholy.

BulletBoys – “Hang On St. Christopher”
How this forgettable 80’s glam rock outfit ended up covering Tom Waits is a mystery to me, but they absolutely kill it. The version that appears on their 2006 greatest hits collection is raw, restrained and about as cool as the BulletBoys ever got.

Concrete Blonde – “Tomorrow Wendy”
This song actually appeared on Concrete Blonde’s classic 1990 album Bloodletting more than two months before the original was released on Wall Of Voodoo singer Andy Prieboy’s first solo album. It also has the distinction of being the saddest song you will hear all day.

Peter Gabriel – “The Book of Love”
I actually prefer the Magnetic Fields original, but there’s a wonderful raw beauty to Peter Gabriel’s vocals. For my money, it’s the greatest love song ever written.

Sun Kil Moon – “Never Ending Math Equation”
Love him or hate him, Mark Kozelek does what he wants. In 2005 he decided to follow-up his band Sun Kil Moon’s critically adored debut Ghosts of the Great Highway with an entire album of Modest Mouse covers. It worked. That album (Tiny Cities) manages to perfectly mesh the controlled chaos of Modest Mouse with the delicate gloom of Sun Kil Moon.

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