Hooray for Guessing Numbers!

So, everyone’s talking about the lottery. Again. It seems like every couple of years the Powerball jackpot gets high enough to make it everyone’s favorite small talk topic. What would you do with the money? Did you by your tickets? I never understood this. No matter how high the jackpot gets, I know one thing is absolutely certain. I will not win. Not just because I refuse to buy a ticket, but because I have a rudimentary understanding of the odds. In this case, one in more than 292 million. It’s hard to comprehend those numbers, but suffice it to say, putting any amount of money on odds like that seems foolhardy at best, and dangerously delusional at worst. I won’t win because I won’t buy a ticket. You won’t win either. No matter how many tickets you buy, you won’t win. People don’t like to hear this. They make two basic arguments. First, is the “you can’t win if you don’t play” argument. Technically that’s true. However, I feel very confident saying that you will not win either and I’ll have a few extra dollars in my pocket for tacos. The odds are overwhelmingly in my favor after all. The second argument is the “it’s fun” cliche. It isn’t fun. It barely qualifies as a game. Pick numbers and we’ll see if you get them right. Hooray for guessing numbers!

Of course, if I’m wrong and you actually win, the best way to rub it in my face would be to buy me an expensive house. That’ll show me.

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