Mixtapes & Valentine’s Day

Well, Valentine’s Day has come and gone. I don’t know what your significant other did for you, but I have a pretty good idea what they didn’t do. They didn’t make you a mixtape. That’s a shame. Nothing quite has the nerdy romantic earnestness of being handed a cassette that someone spent hours putting together. You know that hours of thought went in to picking just the right songs. But, it’s more than just song choices. The running order makes a difference too. The fact that each song is a mystery up until the moment it starts playing also matters. Once you’ve received a mixtape from someone you love, each song will forever have a different context. A better context. It’s the perfect gift really.

At least this is what I told my wife when I handed her a cassette tape on Valentine’s Day. She teared up, then correctly pointed out that we haven’t had a cassette player in the house for nearly 15 years. She’s right of course. Good thing too. That cassette was blank.


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