Random Thoughts…

– Whenever I get coffee from the vending machine here in the beautiful Rick L. and Vicki L. James University Center, I always pay the extra 10-cents for the “premium” blend. Why do I do that? How much better could the premium blend possibly be?

– There will always be more toes in the world than people.

– It’s not a reunion if all the former members of your band are still alive and active in music, but not part of said reunion. Lookin’ at you Guns ‘n Roses.

– I’m not sure what “molecular gastronomy” is, but I’m pretty sure it would make an extremely unsatisfying meal.

– Is owning a fish tank really worth the hassle?

– I once saw a billboard decrying the evils of rhinoceros poaching. Of course I’m against rhino poaching, but do you think that billboard made a single rhino poacher rethink his position on the issue?

– All CD’s make great coasters, but Matchbox 20 CD’s are the most satisfying.

– These would have made better tweets. Oh well. Follow us on Twitter!


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