Don’t Worry, It’s Only Temporary

**UPDATE 8/1/16**

While we were able to finish our work on the giant cowboy robot dinosaur, we were not able to convince it to do our bidding. After a brief rampage, our abomination wondered into a nearby lake where it short-circuited and shut down. We decided to leave it where it was.

In the end, we learned a valuable lesson. It turns out that programming a giant cowboy robot dinosaur with an insatiable lust for carnage and destruction has a down side. Mostly all the carnage and destruction.

**ATTENTION 7/29/16**

WEAX will be off-the-air Saturday from 12:00pm – 7:00pm as we continue construction on our giant cowboy robot dinosaur that transforms into a giant skee ball machine. Thank you for your patience.


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