Questionable Moments in Rock History part 4

I’m only going to say this once. Frankly, I shouldn’t have to say it at all. It’s common sense. It’s the sort of universal truth everyone is aware of without ever needing to be told. You were born knowing this.

Flute does not belong in Rock-n-Roll.

Duh right? It’s a bit like telling someone that the fire extinguisher is for, you know, extinguishing fires.

Of course you know where I’m headed… Straight to Jethro Tull singer, guitarist and flautist Ian Anderson. Flautist? The last thing anyone wants to see at a rock concert is a flautist. Rock stars are supposed to have beat-up Les Pauls slung down to their knees not flutes. Is this rock-n-roll or an afternoon watching your grandmother knit a scarf? What’s more, according to Ian Anderson’s Wikipedia page he’s “known for his famous one-legged flute stance.” Ya, that isn’t helping either.

Jethro Tull apologists always like to tout how “different” and “unique” the flute is in a rock context. Sorry, I’m not buying it. Different isn’t always a virtue. It would certainly be different if I tattooed a guacamole recipe on my forehead, but that doesn’t make it a good idea.

My guacamole recipe is delicious by the way.

One Comment on “Questionable Moments in Rock History part 4

  1. You forgot to mention “The Moody Blues” band that also featured a flute in many of their ROCK AND ROLL songs. What was even more disturbing than the flute was the white jumpsuit that Jethro Tull viewed as a rock and roll fashion statement…..NOT !


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