Josh Hornbacher
Director of Radio Operations
In his spare time Josh enjoys cooking. He once topped a perfectly cooked brick-oven pizza with pieces of another perfectly cooked brick-oven pizza.

Aaron Coyle
WEAX Sports Coordinator
An avid film buff, Aaron once directed and starred in a shot-for-shot remake of Jaws 3 that he shot using his cell phone.

Noah Pickerel
Noah began running 3 miles a day in 2016. He is now very far away from home and hopelessly lost. We are sending help.

Zach Howe
We’re not entirely sure what Zach does at WEAX. His business card simply says, “In Charge of the Big Door.”

Ben Vigliarolo
Snack Cake Consultant
Ben is a pitcher for the Trine University Thunder. His best pitch is the 12-seam fastball. The rare and incredibly difficult pitch was taught to him by Tibetan monks.