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I’ve written before about the demise of the Album Era, and how music in general has been devalued in the age of the mp3. I make no bones about it, I’m nostalgic for a time when albums mattered. But my melancholy isn’t strictly about the music. One aspect of this tragic shift that often gets overlooked is the death of album cover art. Does anyone even know what the cover of Adele’s… Read More

So, everyone’s talking about the lottery. Again. It seems like every couple of years the Powerball jackpot gets high enough to make it everyone’s favorite small talk topic. What would you do with the money? Did you by your tickets? I never understood this. No matter how high the jackpot gets, I know one thing is absolutely certain. I will not win. Not just because I refuse to buy a ticket, but… Read More

The holidays are wonderful time of year. Or maybe they’re not. I don’t know you or your family. Perhaps this time of year is a nightmarish blur of angry relatives, long car rides and lime jello with carrot shavings in it. But one thing is certain. There are iTunes gift cards burning a hole in your skinny jeans, and if you will indulge me, I have a few song suggestions. 5 Criminally… Read More