In 1981 AC/DC released For Those About To Rock (We Salute You). While no one would ever describe AC/DC as “thought provoking,” the title of that album has always vexed me. I don’t really know what it means to “rock.” If I called you on the phone and asked what you were doing, and you replied, “I’m about to rock,” what exactly are you about to do? Seriously, I have no idea. Also,… Read More

I think maybe the best barometer for the size of a person’s ego is the hotel bathroom telephone. Hear me out. Before the mobile phone revolution, many nicer hotels had telephones in the bathroom. Right next to the toilet actually. Some still do. Every time I see one I have the same thought: I will never be important enough to make or receive a hotel toilet call. But that’s just my low… Read More

Welcome to the X! Friends, the revolution is over. WEAX won. To celebrate I’ve done a little “remodeling,” and this week is the big reveal. There’s a new logo, new website (obviously) and a blog. You might notice that the playlist is a little different too. It’s been trimmed, modernized and lightened up a bit. Also, I finally let that delightful British woman go back home to England (loyal WEAX listeners know… Read More


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